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Fenris (PvE)

What EON has to offer you:

- Six Bank Tabs
*Eon offer six bank tabs that are usually crammed full of useful armor, weapons, gems, elixirs and much more!

Guild Tabard
*Eon encourage all our guests to check out our guild tabard in the photo gallery.

Guild Vent
*Eon offers members a fifty man vent that encludes channels for PvP, dungeons, private conversations and more!

*Eon encourages memebers who are interested to PvP with other guild members.  Eon also has members who participate in arenas and random battle grounds.

*Please check our calendar page to see what raids we have coming up!

Guild Repair
*Eon offers guild repair funds for raiding members.

- Guild Email:
*Members are encouraged to email their screenshots so they may be posted in our photo gallery!

Guild Info:
* Guild Master: Nowe

* Date Created: 11-9-2009

* Server: Fenris

* Battlegroup: Whirlwind

* Faction: Alliance
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EonGuild, Jul 15, 10 11:24 PM.

EON is actively recruiting all classes and levels!  We are looking for member to grow with the guild and become a tight-nit team to later raid end game content together!  We are friendly and helpful and have alot of fun!  Hope to see your invite request today!!!

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